Why Choose Us?

We Fund
With our Promotional Management Process, we will fund the promotion for you so that none of the costs of the application are required to be paid by yourself until the point we have achieved a successful application for you.

This means that you have No Immediate Planning Costs and No Risk in allowing Castlerow to manage your planning application.

The quality of our professional advice will not be bettered by a team used by an established developer.

Your project will be managed by one of our Castlerow team and overseen by our Managing Director, who is also a director and shareholder of Rushcliffe Estates and Rushcliffe Developments. These are family owned businesses arising from 60 years of experience in the property sector with expert resources that may be called upon when needed.

Whoever helps you through your planning opportunity will require professional advisors to help guide the planning process.

Castlerow has existing professional relationships to help, guide and coordinate the planning process. We will draw in further expert advice when needed.

Castlerow is an independent brand. The involvement of larger brand names is not always helpful at the early stages of seeking planning, because it might trigger negative “local politics”.

Castlerow can be flexible if needed and pursue, for example, developers of more “exclusive” or bespoke properties if it is more likely to deliver a successful or better outcome. A specific developer is not needed until the later stages of the planning process to assist with its progression.

Our independence should enable us to deliver the best gross value for you, in terms of both market value per acre, and net developable land, without the encumbrances and conflicts of a major developer.

Dedicated Team
Any agreement with you will be one of only two or three that we will take on at any one time.

It will receive our full attention and therefore the success of your application is very important to us.

Castlerow have been through the process on many sites and successfully engaged with, Barratts (who own David Wilson), Persimmon, Morris Homes, Davidsons and Bellway.

Because of this process, the necessary contacts are already in place with these and other developers to progress sale negotiations at an appropriate stage.