Whats in it for you?

No Win/ No Fee
Substantial costs can be incurred throughout the lifetime of a planning application.

As part of Castlerow’s Promotional Management Process, we will fund the promotion for you so that none of the costs of the application are required to be paid by yourself until the point we have achieved a successful application for you.

This means that you have No Risk in allowing Castlerow to manage your planning application

Castlerow is clearly motivated to deliver the best possible value for you and fully explore all possible options in the market.

We do not have the conflict an existing house builder would have when finally agreeing a “market value”.

Help with developers
In the current economic and planning climate the developers are risk averse and therefore seeking to focus on building houses, and tend to only take on robust sites with planning. Therefore any commitments they make early in the planning process will be discounted to the value they would pay with outline planning.

Castlerow can help maximise your value by choosing the right time to approach developers in the planning process. (Normally near the end of the process, not the beginning)

Clear Feedback
During the lifetime of your application we will provide quarterly update reports detailing progress, actual and forecast costs and plans for the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

We will plan in face to face meetings to support and discuss these reports when wanted or requested, together with additional ad hoc reports/ meetings at your request.