Our Process

Step 1 : Initial Consultation
Our team will provide an initial consultation to understand your needs, desires and plans that you envision for your land.

The aim here is to allows us to obtain sufficient information to progress with our investigations and analysis of your prospects, together with providing you with an understanding of the steps involved in our process.

Step 2 : Attainability Judgement
Castlerow take the site information obtained at the initial consultation and review its fit against the Local Authority Framework plans in your area and other relevant publications.

The aim here is to allow us to provide a judgement of the potential for attaining planning permission given all information currently available. This allows us to discuss with you the best way to proceed forward.

Step 3: Promotional Management Agreement
Should all parties agree there is a good chance of attaining planning permission, Castlerow will offer to enter into a ‘Promotion Management Agreement’ with you which would consist of the following;

  • Castlerow would manage and fund the promotion of the site through the planning process on a No Win/ No Fee basis.
  • This will initially be for an initial period (typically 3-5 years) with the potential to extend if necessary.
  • In the event that we are successful, we would put the site to the open market to achieve the highest sale price.
  • Our share of the sale value will be a % of the best legitimate bid received (less the agreed promotion costs).